This is me

My name is Alisha.

I am a mom of three rambunctious boys and wife. I am currently a cottage business, meaning my business is run from my home and I work full time for a local community bank. In print my life is busy and in real life, yes my life is busy. I strive for balance and have a passion to create memorable art for memorable celebrations. I have dreams and goals and through cake I am accomplishing them one stick of butter at a time.

I am a native to Colorado Springs and grew up a Westsider. I love my city and strive to support local businesses and other local bakers with every opportunity I can (that means that I do not make my own birthday cake - insert winky face).

My mission for Cupcakes and Sweets is to create memorable experiences through sweets as a social enterprise that will provide support to my community.

Cupcakes and Sweets currently partners with CPCD and Icing Smiles. I believe in empowerment through community and partnership.

I look forward to serving you! Stay Sweet!

alisha cupcakes and sweets Colorado Springs and surrounding areas

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